I want to know you better

I want to know you better

Contrary to the popularly held belief, filling forms easy and fun.

Will you please take a few minutes to fill the form below:

First name:
Last name:
Star sign:
Secret Fantasy:
REALLY secret Fantasy:
Favourite perversion:
Illegal favourite perversion:
Birth date:
Favourite Aunt:
Are you your brother's keeper?:
Are you your keeper's brother?:
Do people still respect you in the morning?:
Your place or mine?:
E-mail address:
Phone (w):
Phone (h):
Cell Phone:
Do you look fat in this?:
Postal address:
Physical address:
Postal code:
Would you date an older person?:
Of Italian origin?:
And buy him expensive presents?:
Who killed JFK?:
Credit card type:
Credit card number:
Bank name and address:
Account number:
Secret PIN number:
How do you get your mash so fluffy?:
Name of friend or relative not living with you:
Who shot JR?:
Favourite colour:
Favourite food:
Favourite sport:
Favourite marsupial:
Shoe size:
Waist size:
Are you still reading this?:
Number of weeks with present employer:
Are you always the last person to find out?:
Do you like Kipling?:
When last did you Kiple?:
Do you believe in Aliens?:
Do Aliens believe in you?:
Are you still reading this???:
Are you married?:
How's your hand?:
Who do you keep in the basement?:
Why doesn't your foot snore when it goes to sleep?:
Is it safe to go on a date with you?:
Does your mother still dress you?:
What is your major malfunction?:
How many roads must a man walk down?:
Are you really still reading this??????:
What is the capital of Azerbajan?:
What is the relative atomic mass of helium?:
Is Elvis alive?:
What is a scallywag?:
How's Tufu made?:

Thank you for your time. Sign here to signify that the above information can be freely circulated on the Internet.
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Jill: It sure is too bad that Mary isn't feeling well. She is such a nice lady. But she got a bad case of furniture disease.

Nina: Furniture disease? What's that?

Jill: Her chest has fallen plumb down in to her drawers.

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Census Taker: "How many children do you have?"

Woman: "Four."

Census Taker: "May I have their names, please?"

Woman: "Eenie, Meenie, Minie and George."

Census Taker: "Okay, that's fine. But may I ask why you named your fourth child George?"

Woman: "Because we didn't want any Moe."

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Don't Drown Those Puppies

There was a Queen Sized lady at the lake this weekend. Her bosoms were about to pop out of her bathing suit when a boat came by and knocked her under. She came back up and was knocked down again, and everyone noticed that her top was around her ankles. She finally regained her footing, and as she was putting everything back into place, you could hear this little boy saying:

"Ma'am, if you're trying to drown those puppies, I'll take the fat one with the brown nose......."

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